Realistic Emergencies / Why You Need A Bug Out Location

Of course there are extreme emergency situations where it would benefit to have a secure bug out location designated, such as a magnetic pole shift, coronal mass ejection from the sun (EMP/CME), extinction level events, and more. It is wise to be prepared for these situations if you are able to be prepared, however, these are not the only disastrous situations that call for emergency retreats to an Ozark escape.

Be Prepared

Leave a Legacy

Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, or severe storms pose yearly threats to most of the world. Disaster can strike at any point. In today’s world, we may also need an emergency retreat from the fast paced, screen addicted world that we live in and venture out into the beautiful wilderness that is awaiting.

Find your own reason for coming out to the Ozark Co-op. Plan your own escape and secure getaway where you can do more than just store food for emergencies. Embrace good times, connect with nature, gain security, and be closer together with the people you choose.