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Tips on Becoming Energy Self-Sufficient. (10 min read)

 Tips on Becoming Energy Self-Sufficient. (10 min read)

The Ozark Co-op, an off-grid living community, is a microcosm for what future living will be more like.  As renewable energy sources become more abundant and sophisticated, we will see more and more homes providing energy on their own.  The Co-op encourages all members to quickly set up a fully renewable energy system for their homestead.  This blog will quickly go through some basic overviews of what to look for in making a self-sufficient homestead.

Find your reason to go off-grid

Are you familiar with Off-Grid living?

        Off-Grid living has been around and thriving for thousands of years. Many people choose to enjoy the rewards of off-grid living every single day. The reward of being free, unconnected, and non-dependent of any outer source. You need yourself and community alike to survive, not the modern day society and its influences.