Find your reason to go off-grid

Are you familiar with Off-Grid living?

        Off-Grid living has been around and thriving for thousands of years. Many people choose to enjoy the rewards of off-grid living every single day. The reward of being free, unconnected, and non-dependent of any outer source. You need yourself and community alike to survive, not the modern day society and its influences.

        Living off-grid is similar to living in your own personal world. The need to deal with any outer source is extremely limited. You raise your own livestock for food and work. You collect your own water, grow and gather your own food, provide your own electricity and heat, build your own shelter, and live off the land. However, the need or desire may arise to travel to town to trade, get more livestock, or other necessities, and that's perfectly fine, but those town trips should be in moderation and limited to sustain your true off-grid lifestyle.

Off-Grid living isn't for everyone, and many things need to happen before you can go out and truly live it. You need to:

  • Own property or have access and permission to live on family or friends property

  • Build and provide your own shelter

  • Find a way to produce and obtain your own heat and electricity

  • Grow, raise, or gather your own food and spices

  • Must have a plan and solution of how to deal with your waste

Going from where you are at in your life right now and transitioning to off-grid living may be difficult at first. It is common for many beginners to maintain a job and still make money as they learn and grow in their new lifestyle. But once you get the off-grid living down, you may not have to maintain a job at all, and you can shift to completely living off the land and using excess products you develop to earn an income.

While it isn't always easy, we know it will definitely be worth it. Many great things will come due to off-grid living. Benefits of off-grid living include:

  • You are dependent on yourself and off-grid community if you have one

  • No need for outer sources such as government or society to help

  • It can help you save money by bringing purchases down to just the basics

  • It can lower your stress by surrounding yourself with nature and escaping the chaos of the world

  • You will live a healthier, more natural lifestyle

  • Minimize your carbon footprint and help the environment

  • It’s just simpler

While there are many benefits of choosing to live off-grid, it is ultimately up to you to make that decision. It is up to you to choose, and take the steps towards this life. The Ozark Co-op is a great place to take those steps for yourself. It gives you the opportunity to live, prosper, and work in a community of like-minded, off grid living people. There is a reason more and more people are switching gears and beginning their off-grid journey. It’s just better, and those living it are much happier. Now it’s your turn.