Why go off the grid with Ozark Co-op?

We use the term, Living Insurance.

The Ozark Co-op is the opportunity to provide a bug out location, off grid living, survivor safe haven, and simplistic living for an amazingly low price.    The yearly membership is $2,500 and with that membership you have access to the entire Brandenburg property to enjoy being in nature, hiking, learning survival skills, enjoying all the wild life, and peace of mind.  You also have a unique advantage that almost a mile of the north boundary is butted up against Arkansas heritage land which is about 900 acres of absolutely beautiful land with amazing trails. You can also hunt on this land.  

The Co-op is a Community.

The key to living the old ways and living off the grid is teamwork. The Co-op is a community where knowledge, products, and skills are shared and traded. As the co-op grows there will be the need to market the goods that are made and harvested by the Co-op. This will provide the opportunity to live completely off the grid and still generate funds to live the lifestyle you choose.

We have arrangements for all sorts of discounts to local recreation, restaurants, retail stores, fishing, etc.  You will have access to our various survival trainings offered throughout the year. Most important you have the opportunity for purchasing your own piece of choice Ozark land to camp on or build on.  The land itself will be only $1,500 one time purchase price. Think about it, $4,000 initial price and $2,500 a year after for what we like to refer to as living insurance.  It is also an investment.  Once Brandenburg is sold out the land value and the co-op fee will naturally go up.   This means that for everyone who gets in will be able to sell their property if they so choose for an increased value.   Your co-op price is locked in at $2,500 with the only increase after 10 years being any taxes or other documented required increased costs.  We anticipate this increase being minimal if any. Once sold out the co-op fee will increase. We do not know how much yet, but we project that the first initial increase will be up to $4,000 annual fee.

Growth is inevitable

The value of the land will increase also.  We will have the community developed with the common area crop and farm animals.  The trails and various gazebos, community activities, etc. will greatly increase the desirability of the co-op.  We anticipate the land going for at least $5,000 an acre. If you build on your property you will have the cabin to add to the value of your personal property.   We will allow you to sell your membership and land, with the normal approval process for the purchaser to become a member and you keep the difference. If you have your membership at $2,500 a year and it is at $5,000 a year and you decide to sell it then if you do it yourself you keep $2,500 a year as long as that person you sold it to keeps their membership.   You also will keep all the income from selling your land. Let’s say that you never develop your land and after 5 years decide to sell it. The increased amount we are selling the land for is all yours to keep also. Obviously, if you build then you have that investment which will grow also. The Ozark Co-op is a modern investment for off grid living insurance.