He has received extensive training in survival methods from the Boy Scouts of America and the United States Army as well as leadership. That leadership and teamwork also played a large role in his life as a member of the Arkansas State football team.  He has received multiple rewards from the Army in direct relation to organizing and implementing training as well as efficiency. During a two year church mission he served in an integral position to train missionaries to work as teams for success and efficiency. He has dedicated his life to understanding and implementing survival and team building skills. In addition he is a graduate of EmpowerU and has a background in Civil Engineering.   


Assistant Instructor and Logistics Specialist. Mac is a member of the Klamath-Modoc tribes of Oregon. He brings with him a wide range of knowledge and expertise. 


An Arkansas State accounting graduate and former Sargent in the United States Army. She hold certificates for the Warriors Medal of Valor, Dale Carnegie, EmpowerU, and CBRN Officer distinguished honor graduate.  She oversees financial operations and logistics.