Mother Earth and Nature

As we progress further into the technological age, nature becomes more precious. Connecting to the earth in its natural state will bring you more peace and harmony in your life. There is a vast amount of life in the Ozarks that will affect you in a positive way when you venture into the woods.

Here are some ways to commune with Mother Earth and Nature:

  • Take a walk in the park or near a lake, river, or take a hike in the mountains.

  • Take an ATV ride, go on a horseback ride, or explore a cave.

  • Sit under a tree. Hug a tree. Sit with your back up against the tree, feeling the calming energy emanating from it, meditate. Plants are affected by vibrations such as vocal stimulus from a human.

  • Plant a garden or some indoor plants.

  • Bond and talk to a pet.

  • Observe all the wildlife around you.

  • Breathe, while listening to the sounds of the wind and the birds.

  • Close your eyes, feel the sun on your face.

  • Feel the peacefulness and better perspective that comes with connecting to Mother Earth and Nature.

  • Sleep under the stars.

Human life was not always so separate from nature as it is becoming today. Connect with the earth and feel the connection that humans have experienced for thousands of years.