Which membership is right for you?

We have two membership types: Off Grid member or Bug Out Member. Each membership type gives you access to the Co-op and gives you the opportunity to camp, lease, or purchase your own piece of the Ozarks. This is not just going off-grid or bugging out on your own, the membership gives you access to so much more than just a piece of land. The value of the membership and the property will go up as the Co-op continues to improve the land.

Off Grid Member: For full time living and 24/7/365 access. You have the option to purchase a 3 acre parcel or lease a one acre parcel. $2,250 per year.

Bug Out Member: For part timers who need a place to go. This gives you 24/7 access to the property. You have the option to lease a one acre parcel or use the campgrounds when you come out. This membership is not for full-time living. $1,750 per year.

Where will you go if calamity strikes?

Going off grid.png

The Ozark Co-op gives you a chance to experience off-grid Ozark living. It provides a bug out location if one of many potential catastrophic events actually happened. This will bring a peace of mind knowing you have a place to get away with your family group. It's a great investment to own land in The Ozarks.

Where does my Co-op Fee go?

Membership fees are how the Co-op functions and continually improves.

Maintaining roads, clearing fallen timbers, creating and trimming trails for hiking, horses, and ATVs are all continual tasks that your membership dues help cover. In addition to maintenance, the fees allow us to continually improve the Co-op property with pavilions, picnic areas, terrace gardens, joint power systems, and more.

The Co-op has a full-time Co-op Manager that provides education, help, support, and security for the members and the property.

One of the aspects of living in the rugged and forested mountains of the Ozarks is the land management. Forestry and Rock management is an ongoing task to prevent damage, fires, and loss of useful resources.

We also will be providing and maintaining a central lodge, providing overall security, consulting and assisting members, water management, etc.

Members also receive storefront access in the town of Melbourne, Arkansas and website storefronts to sell any goods they provide.

Members also receive storefront access in the town of Melbourne, Arkansas and website storefronts to sell any goods they provide.

Membership Amenities

  • Secured access to Co-op property at all times. (24/7)

  • Off Grid Member Only - Purchase a 3 acre parcel in the Co-op.

  • Lease a 1 acre parcel in the Co-op.

  • Free access to camping and campgrounds.

  • Private border access to Arkansas Heritage land.(hunting, hiking, no overnight camping, will never be developed.)

  • Secure and private gated community.

  • Garden space in the community garden.

  • Storefront space to sell goods you provide.

  • Website storefront to market goods or services you provide.

  • On-Site manager support and assistance with any construction, off-grid utilities, land management and more.

  • Private trail and climbing access.

  • Community Events.

  • Individual and Family Adventure Training Classes:

  • Team Building

  • Survival Training

  • Fire Starting

  • Water Collecting and Purification

  • Basic Knots

  • How To Build Short Term Shelter

  • Basic First Aid and Hygiene

  • Basic Land Navigation

  • Emergency Communications

  • Emergency Reactions