Managing Director

I’m Dennis Nielsen, the Managing Director of The Ozark Co-op, and I would like to share with you MY WHY. I used to sit on my couch in suburbia America watching TV shows like Tiny Homes, Alaska The Last Frontier and Homestead Rescue. I would look at my wife after watching these shows and say, “That’s what I want to do!” Just like most dreams I held myself back and thought I couldn’t do it due to the lack of finances and health limitations.

Hear Dennis Nielsen's experience and progress from spending time hiking and in nature at The Ozark Co-op. The healing qualities are only the beginning of the benefits our members enjoy. This is a safe haven designed for a small group of people to retreat to.

I had a random thought pop into my head to reconnect with an old friend that I hadn’t heard from or seen in over 30 years, Johnny Terrell. When I reached out to him he responded that he was wanting to call me and here I was calling him. He told me about the Co-op and I was immediately interested in knowing more. My wife and I came out to Arkansas for Thanksgiving in November 2017. While here, Johnny took us to the property that he had gotten for his family. On the drive to the property, he shared in more detail his vision with us. In 2016 he had the vision that he was to locate property that would allow 150 family’s to own a piece of the Ozarks’ like his family. He said not everyone has the means to own hundreds of acres and work the land. He believes this could be done through a Co-op concept. Everyone would be able to have their piece of the Co-op to camp on, build a shelter or cabin, grow a garden and build a water collecting systems. You could have all the common areas to enjoy hiking, ATV riding, cave exploration, hunting and more. We would be building a community of similar minded people with similar values. THIS HIT ME HARD! I could have my homestead, A TINY HOMESTEAD! I could have my own piece of the Ozarks. I could live in the new age using the old ways! My wife asked me “why do you want to do this?” I answered her, “Because if something would happen in today’s world I would not be able to provide, protect, nor keep you and our family safe and secure living in Arizona. We can start our own Legacy. We can build our own retreat and safe haven in the Ozarks.”

I quit my job on February 13th, 2018, and came straight out to The Ozark Co-op. Not everybody needs to be this radical. You can come to live full time, part time, or a few weeks or weekends out of the year. It’s whatever fits you and your family. I’m full time. One huge blessing for me was when my doctor told me after being here only four months that I'm in the best health that he has seen me in since he started treating me seven years ago. I call this a miracle and attribute all of this to living in the Ozarks. I’m thoroughly enjoying and breathing in all the experiences Mother Earth and Nature has to offer me.

I became the Managing Director for The Ozark Co-op because I believe deeply in protecting, providing and keeping my family safe and secure, and in the importance of reconnecting to nature. Since being here, I've come to appreciate knowing the importance of having a safe and secure bug out place for myself and my family. The Ozarks are one of the safest places in the US, if not the safest places in the US. The Ozark Co-op offers this and much more. Please look at what The Ozark Co-op has to offer. I invite you to contact us and see how we can help you and your family come join us in the Ozarks.