The combining of the modern life connected to nature.

We all have heard of the myriad of ways catastrophic events could be heaped upon America and the world. With minimal notice we could have a massive solar flare (CME) hit the earth and potentially destroy our electrical grid system completely and most of our communication systems. The last large one hit the earth in 1859. In 2012 we barely missed being hit by a massive CME that would have been catastrophic. CME Scientist estimate a 12% chance of a catastrophic CME hitting the earth within the next few years. If a CME hit today it would be devastating and could set us back to the dark ages. We know all about bad folks in power throughout the world who spout hatred and death to America. We hear more and more about the potential for a doomsday virus.  Personally, I doubt anything like the above will happen but as a prior Scoutmaster I believe in the motto of “be prepared.”  

My belief is, it is better to be prepared than not. Thus, the creation of The Ozark Co-op. I personally have property and a reasonable set up for surviving most catastrophic events. It took a lot of money and effort and we are a work in progress. We use our property for reconnecting to Mother Earth and nature. We hunt, fish, hike, 4-wheel, make trails, set up cameras to watch all the wild life, have stands for personal observations, enjoy the wild weather, amazing starry nights etc. I have a very large family and group of friends and everyone looks forward to spending a day, weekend, or longer at our property.

I had this thought/vision come to me in 2016 that I was to locate property that would allow 150 members to own a piece of the Ozarks like I have. Not everyone has the means to own hundreds of acres and work the land through forest management and vigorous overall land management. We will have 5 different Ozark properties that our Co-op members will have access to for enjoying connecting with nature. We will offer them the opportunity of purchasing their private piece of land to camp at and/or build a cabin for visits or full time living. As an example, Mountainburg Property, which is approximately 400 acres situated next to 822 acres of Arkansas Heritage land (Devils Knob/Devils Backbone Natural Area). We have almost a mile of our northern boundary that butts up against this special designated land. The Co-op members have the opportunity of purchasing land at this property and enjoying some of the best views and trails in the Ozarks.  We are currently working on another property of 470 acres that will provide remote living nestled into the forest. Less majestic views but amazing connection to nature and the wild life.

The Ozark Co-op is a great investment. In addition to having a safe bug out place you have a piece of the Ozarks to call your own.  You will have access to a lot of amenities that are covered in more detail on our website. Come get reconnected to Mother Earth and nature, bring the kids and pets, and enjoy life outside of the current fast pace world most of us live in these days.

I look forward to meeting you someday,

Johnny Terrell, Owner

Cell: 870-351-1582

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