• What are the guidelines for the type of permanent lodging/cabin I can put up on my property?

    We have a requirement to approve your building plans from a perspective of safety and visual aesthetics.

    We have made arrangements for discounts with local sawmills on cedar, pine, and oak log cabins.

  • When I buy land will I get a deed for that purchase?

    Yes, when you buy your land you will own it and have a deed.

  • Do I need permanent lodging on my property?

    No, we recognize that for many members it could be a period of time before they build a permanent structure. We do allow the members to camp on their property. Members can build a place for storage on their property.

  • If I have items such as mountain bicycle, ATV, or other personal items will there be a secure place to store them?

    Yes, we will have shipping containers that members can securely store their personal items for a nominal fee. We have excellent pricing for shipping containers for purchase by our members to put on their property, if they choose to do so and are able.

  • Where is the Co-op located?

    The Co-op is located in Izard county, Arkansas. It is close to the town of Mt. View.

  • Why did you pick the Ozarks?

    After significant research over the last 20 years, this is one of the best areas, if not the best area, to be in the U.S.A.

  • How much rain fall is there at Mountainburg Property and how much drinking water can we expect to get?

    Average rain fall in the area is over 50 inches per year. For example: With one inch of rain fall, on a 8' x 16' roof in one (1) hour, you will collect up to 120 gallons of water. Wells can be drilled and contain fantastic drinking water in the whole region. The Co-op will provide training and assistance in developing your water collections systems.

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