Brandenburg Property is approximately 360 beautiful acres nestled in the most remote part of the Arkansas Ozarks. Brandenburg Mountain is the third highest mountain in Izard County at an elevation of 1,100 feet. The northern border of the property is nestled against Arkansas Heritage Land (Devils Knob/Devils Backbone Natural Area). This allows members to have over a 1/4 mile of private entry to the 822 acres. Activities members can experience on their chosen property include ATV riding, hiking, horseback riding, cave explorations, hunting and nature in its purest form.

This area allows you to live a self-reliant and self-sufficient lifestyle in growing your own food, raising your own livestock, living off-grid and foraging what you can find in the area itself. Below you will read about the many activities and opportunities Brandenburg Property will give you:


Membership's Property
    After you get your membership, you can own a 3 acre plot within the property. We only parcel out 3 acres to promote the community aspect. This personal property is where you can camp and/or build a cabin, raise livestock, grow a garden, build a water collection system and enjoy Mother Earth and nature. The one-time cost is $1,500.00 an acre. Financing is available.


Gardening and Water Collection Systems
       Average rain fall in the area is over 50 inches per year which gives you the opportunity to raise a garden and set up a water collection system as an individual. In Arkansas there are no legal restrictions for rain collection. There are community gardens and water collection systems being planned and readied around the property for community use.

Hunting and Fishing Areas
        Brandenburg Property is the community which means guns can be dangerous, however we do allow bow hunting on the property in any designated community hunting areas. The adjoining Arkansas Heritage Land (Devils Knob/Devils Backbone Natural Area) is 822 acres open to traditional forms of hunting (check state regulations for area).
        The co-op is only a few minutes away from multiple access points on the White River with its assortment of trout (rainbow, brown and cutthroat), bass (small mouth, large mouth, rock and Kentucky), catfish (channel, blue and flathead), and sunfish that will satisfy any fisherman. Stream-running walleye are also found in the river. Fly-fishing is extremely popular on the river during low water periods.

Members also have exclusive access to the T Legacy Ranch White River Lyons Creek access. This access has availability limitations due to the activities that are held at the T Legacy Ranch.

Hiking, Cave Exploration, Horse Back Riding, and ATV Riding            

        There are caves to explore and many different trails for hiking, horse back riding, and ATV riding on the co-op to allow you to enjoy nature at its finest. The Arkansas Heritage Land (Devils Knob/Devils Backbone Natural Area) is exclusively for hiking traffic with its many trails that bring you many great views of  The Ozarks. 

For more Amenities please see our Membership page.